my name is robert.

About Robert

I am 30 years old, born and raised in Solna. Growing up I spent most of my time in Vasalundshallen playing basketball. After graduating from Solna Gymnasium I started studying Microelectronics at KTH.

I started studying Microelectronics because it was a combination of Electrical Engineering and Engineering Physics. This broadened my options when choosing master's degree. I chose Biomedical Physics becuase I wanted a career with great future prospects. However, I soon realized it wasn't quite my cup of tea because of all the biology. Therefore I researched for another master's degree, also with great future prospects, but more oriented towards math and phsysics. My decision was Optical Physics. I really enjoyed studying about optics and related areas.

After graduation I started to work at SolidEngineer as Technical Sales representive. This role was fun and I gained a lot of experience and met many great people. After this employment I started at my current job, that is Enterprise Modeler at aRway.

Academic education

Master of Science, Engineering Physics: The track Optical physics is important in basic and applied research, as well as in industrial applications. The compulsory courses provided a sound knowledge of optics and laser physics, thereby providing a good foundation for many of the other courses. Many courses providde skills in practical problem solving, which prepared me for independent research and development work.

Master thesis: Narrow Linewidth All-fiber Cavity Thulium Fiber Laser at 2 µm The goal of the thesis was to develop a stable, narrow linewidth, all-fiber cavity thulium fiber laser with an output around 2 µm. There are several important fields of applications for a narrow linewidth laser, including the area of optical sensors, spectroscopy and for optical fiber communication.

The rare-earth element thulium has a broad gain-bandwidth allowing ultrashort pulse operation, and a wide wavelength tunability. Thulium has emission peaks located at eye-safe wavelengths, which open up applications within the field of medicine, spanning 400 nm, ranging from 1700 to 2100 nm.

Read the full thesis here.

Bachelor of Science, Microelectronics: The bachelor in Microelectronics gave me good knowledge in math and science including modelling, predict and evaluate events, mathematically, with a computer or experimentally.

Bachelor thesis: Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Doped Thin Films for Laser Applications The currently established technique for mode-locking with a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror is expensive and involves a fairly advanced production technique. Carbon nanotubes incorporated into thin plastic films present an easy to produce and comparatively cheap alternative. These films are produced by solving carbon nanotubes in a proper solvent, mixing with a host plastic material and finally spin coating to a substrate.

Read the full thesis here.

Employment history

EA Consultant @ C3K, Jan 2018 - Model Based System Engineering with Sparx EA and UAF. Focus on the documentation generator.

Skills gained: Sparx EA, UAF

Enterprise Modeler @ aRway, Aug 2016 - Dec 2017 Modelled organizations processes, information flows and IT-systems.

Skills gained: Time management, ARIS, Sparx EA, ArchiMate, QLM, scripting, configuration

Summer internship @ KTH, June - Aug 2016 I helped the Laserphysics group with various lab work, e.g. manufacturing and measuring the effective refractive index of waveguides.

Skills gained:

Substitute teacher @ Vikariepoolen, Feb - June 2016 I was a substitute teacher at Edsbergsskolan and was responsible for the math and science classes. This included planning lessons, correcting tests, grading the students and parental contact.

Skills gained: Patience, leadership, pedagogy

Sales Engineer @ SolidEngineer, Sept 2014 - Aug 2015 My task was to help companies improve their product development environment by choosing correct systems, including CAD, PDM and 3D-printers. I was responsible for the entire sales process, from cold-calling, finding business issues, handling quotations and follow up after purchase.

Skills gained: Time management, sales, EQ, account management

Summer internship @ KTH, May - Sept 2014 The laboratory tasks and instructions for undergraduates were updated and improved, both theoretically and practically.

Skills gained: Knowledge of various electronic components and behaviour of sound waves


What I like to do


I have played basketball since 1998. I had a lot of success as youth player with Solna Vikings and today I both play and coach in Blackeberg Basket.


I have always played a lot of PC games since a young age, including titles such as Age of Empires, The Sims, Starcraft, Counter-strike, Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, Rocket League etc. I also create my own content for various gaming channels on Youtube.


I love creating music. I started rather late but really enjoy it. Lately I haven't been as active as I want to be since I have a lot of time consuming hobbies. But I made a couple of songs and have also performed these live. I really should find the time to make more music!


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I have a master's degree in Engineering Physics.



I was a sales engineer for one year.

Account management

Account Management

The sales consisted mostly of additional sales.

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