"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

- Milton Berle


My name is Robert and I am 28 years old. I live with my girlfriend in Råcksta.

I have a master of science degree in Engineering Physics, track Optical Physics. I learned a lot about different optical systems such as microscopes and laser systems. Although lasers are my passion, I have a lot of different interests which you can read more about on this site.

I have always been interested in educating people around me and enjoy it a lot! One example of this is my, almost, 5000 posts on an internet forum for helping students with homework/exercises. It is called Pluggakuten and I am very active on the site. I have even designed the site logo!

Private, I like to learn new things or just relax with some music or a movie. One thing I also like a lot is food. My entire family work within the restaurant business and I have grown up with well cooked meals. This inspired me to apply for Project Manger of Cuisine at Students Nobel NightCap, which is the after party for the Nobel Banquet. I had 30 volunteers working under my supervision.


I have always been interested in creating my own content. I have created several websites and at a time I spent most of my time creating content with Adobe Photoshop for various projects. When I played basketball with AEK Athen I created a website for our team and put in game statistics in a database.

I created a monopoly with Java during a course at KTH called Object Oriented Programming. I really enjoyed it and from time to time start small project to keep my knowledge fresh.


70% Complete

Matlab was the goto software during my education at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). For all types of calculations and simulations Matlab was used. I also took a course in numerical methods which basically was a Matlab course.


60% Complete

SolidWorks was the CAD-software I sold at my time at SolidEngineer. As a sales engineer I had to understand the processes behind product development and the interplay between CAD and PDM. I also took SolidEnghineers 5 day basic course in SolidWorks and can therefore use it to my advantage. For example I designed a coffee table with mirrors for my personal use.


90% Complete

I used LaTeX for all kinds of writings. From laboratory reports, theses and letters. I am very experienced with LaTeX and consider myself proficient at a professional level. I use MiKTeX and TeXStudio.


40% Complete

My first experience with Java was during the Object Oriented Programming course at KTH. We made a monopoly which was really challening but fun. I have done several smaller projects to keep my knowledge intact.


30% Complete

I used LabVIEW during my master thesis project. I used it to measure polarization by adjusting the polarization filter and measuring the intensity output.

Microsoft Office Suite

90% Complete

I can use Windows Office suite at a proficient level, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


70% Complete

I have been playing around with HTML/CSS since an early age. I did however not start any big projects, it was primarly to learn the concepts. The first bigger project was when I played basketball for AEK Athen and was their webmaster. I made a small website and implemented PHP and SQL to make a simple login script to supply game statitics and news. For editing HTML/CSS I use SynWrite.


80% Complete

Vega is a CRM-system I used for all business opportunities when I worked at SolidEngineer. Here I made comments on business, people, created quotations and reminders.

FL Studio

70% Complete

FL Studio is a powerful yet user friendly Digital Audio Workstation. As you might of guessed I use this when I make beats or record my songs. I have played around with this since 2009 but just recently sat down and learned it in depth.


80% Complete

Photoshop is a fantastic piece of software. I use it frequently to a various amount of things, e.g. editing vacation photos, creating thumbnails for youtube, making my own background images and more.

Sony Vegas Pro

60% Complete

I am relatively new to this software and I primarly use it to edit videos for my gaming channel on YouTube. However I find it really easy to use despite all of it's functionality.


I have always been interested in music and creation. I met Litanol at KTH since we studied the same bachelor. He has, as far as I known him, always created and performed his songs. Together we created two songs during spring 2014 and performed with these during 2014 and 2015.

As mentioned above in the introduction my first songs were a collaboration with Litanol. My first song is called Solna and appears on Litanol's album Comeback which is available on both Spotify and Google Music. My second song was also a collab with Litanol, called Vi Är Här Nu, also on his album Comeback.

With these songs we did some gigs. My first time ever performing was at Solna Gymnasium in June 2014. Check it out here.

We also entered a competition called Livekarusellen and performed three times. The first live session was in January 2015 and is available here. The next time was in March, have a look here. Our final apperance in this coimpetition was in April and can be found here. Unfortuanetly we did not make it to the next round.

I have a couple of songs which are unreleased. All of them are produced by Litanol and my goal is to make two songs which I produce myself then release it as a mixtape. Hopefully this will happen before summer 2016. Make sure to stay updated!


I started playing basketball the season 97/98 in Solna Vikings. Our team had a lot of success and since then I played in several different teams. The last few seasons I also started coaching youth teams which I enjoy a lot! You can read more about my basketball history below.

Solna Vikings, 97/98-06/07

100% Complete

My basketball journey started the season 97/98 in Solna Vikings. Solna Vikings is a dedicated club and ensure their players have the capability to play at a pro level. I supplemented the practices with high school basketball at Solna Gymnasium. At most I practiced eight times a week, plus games, plus gym sessions.

List of major accomplishments: Scania Cup gold 2002 and 2004 silver 2003, Swedish championship (youth) silver 2004 and 2005 bronze 2007, Swedish championship for high schools gold 2007.

Blackeberg Basket, 07/08

100% Complete

Solna Vikings decided to cancel our team. Therefore did several of us transfer to Blackeberg Basket which play in Baskettan. We had a great team and manage to win baskettan!

List of major accomplishments: Basketettan gold 2008.

KFUM Central, 08/09

70% Complete

I had a lot of fun playing with this team with a lot of team chemistry. Unfortunately my stay in Central only lasted for one season.

AEK Athen, 09/10-10/11

100% Complete

AEK Athen is a swedish part of the greece AEK Athen. We had great players individually and high ambition. Although we had great players we did not have a great team, due to lack of team chemistry.

List of major accomplishments: First place in divison 2.

Norrort (Djursholm Indians), 11/12-14/15

90% Complete

Norrort is a collaboration between Djursholm and Täby. This was the first team I played serious again after my injury back in the end of 2009. I really enjoyed playing with this team and the organization. Towards the end I also coached their youth team (below 19).

List of major accomplishments: Second place in division 2.

Les Boys (Blackeberg Basket), 15/16-

100% Complete

Les boys is a part of Blackeberg Basket. We are a group of experienced players which wants to play at a high level although not professional. We currently dominate division three. I joined Les Boys because I moved to Råcksta. I also continued my ambition to coach and coach Blackeberg boys 04.

List of major accomplishments: First place in division 3.


I have been a gamer my entire life. The first game I ever played was Wolfenstein 3D back in the days. I am a dedicated gamer and always want to improve my game.

My gaming have led to several youtube accounts, and my most popular channel have more than 40 subscribers, 80 videos and 22k views.


100% Complete

I started playing Counbter-strike 1.5 when I was 13 years old. I played it a lot with several different clans, although none of the clans have the ambition to go pro. When CS:Source came I stopped playing for a couple of years but started again with CS:Globl Offense. CS is no doubt my favorite game because of the individual skills but also the team aspect. My top rank so far is Supreme Master First Class.

Grand Theft Auto

100% Complete

This series. All games are awsome. I have no idea how much time I spent on these games. The legendary first. The second with improved graphics. The London edition. The revolutionary third with 3rd person view. I probably spent most time on GTA:San Andreas. Oh, the memories!


100% Complete

I always enjoyed the Fallout series. I have played all of the releases and really enjoyed the first two editions. Of course, the later games have awesome graphics and physics, but the first games will always be in my heart.

Rocket League

80% Complete

Rocket League is a really fun and action packed game. The big advantage of this game is that you can start it up, have fun immediately and play for just 5 mins if that's what you have time for.

Cities: Skylines

70% Complete

This is really the first sim city like game I have played. I like it a lot but prioritize other games before, unfortunately.

DayZ: Standalone

60% Complete

This game have/had big potential. I played it quite a lot some time ago and loved it. Although it felt like the developing stopped. Too much bugs and stuff. Too bad, it is a nice idea.


90% Complete

Starcraft. Need I say more? I got introduced to Starcraft when Starcraft II was released. I played the beta so much I don't even know. It was actually SC which got me into youtubing. I have a retired SC-channel on youtube. As best I was ranked in Diamond.